Mihalis Pelamidis

Mihalis Pelamidis is of Greek descent and was brought up in Paris. He later settled in Greece where he became dedicated to the art of making haute jewellery. He graduated as a top student from the world-renowned Chambre Syndicale De La Haute Joaillerie De Paris, and has received the award for best jewellery designer in both France and in Greece. He has worked with the great Parisian jewellery houses, yet he never stops searching for creative forms of expression.

Through his dedication to the art of making haute jewellery and the experience he has gained from working with mass production jewellery companies in Bangkok and Hong Kong, Mihalis Pelamidis has learned the secret of achieving the perfect result.


Laetitia Charriaud

With French finesse and luxury forming the foundations of her everyday life, Laetitia Charriaud is bound to make an impression every minute of the day. Having graduated as one of the top students from the Ecole Nicolas Flamel in Paris and having many years of experience in Parisian haute couture fashion houses, in the accessories section, she has learned the secrets of fine detail.

As a citizen of the world, she travels in search of new materials and elaborate combinations that bring out timeless femininity, and lives by her motto: “… I create what I have not found”.